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Musical Instruments


Fender Vintage Guitars Infos
Dating your Gibson
Dating your Fender
Dating your Fender (from
Dating your Gibson
Dating your Gretsch, Gibson, Martin, Rickenbaker, etc...
Compare Speakers Amps Cables etc (top)
Gibson Pickups Guide
Vox Amplification Ltd Home Page
Vintone Amps Home Page
Dumble Amplifiers informations
Blue Tone Amps. Big Stage Sound with Bite!
GM Arts Home Page
Allen Amplification - Custom Amplifiers, Parts, and Repairs
ToneBone Products
DanElectro Gtrs & FX
Do It Yourself: Vox Amp cabinet
Atomic Amplifiers - Home Page
Binson Echorec 2
Brian May guitar sound: Scott's Red Special
The Superbaby
Ampwares (Amp Parts, Knobs, Tubes, and building supplies)
Vintage Guitar Pickups info
The Fender Jaguar (One of my favourites)
The Fender Amp Field Guide
Welcome to Fender Musical Instruments
GBase Gear Mall -
Rockman Central Guitar Effects
Gerlitz Amplification, Inc. . . . More than just an Amplifier !
Gibson Musical Instruments
Gretsch Musical Instruments - Home of that Great Gretsch Sound!
Fred (spare parts)
*** James Trussart Custom Guitars ***
The Official Marshall Website - Welcome
C. F. Martin & Co., Inc.
Maven Peal Instruments, Inc.
NS Design - instruments, including electric double bass, cello, violin, guitar, bass, and Stick
Classic 30
The Legendary Pignose Amplifiers & The Original Gorilla Amplifiers --- "The Pignose Guy"
Vintage Guitars Info - Dobro metal resonator vintage guitar collecting
Vintage Guitars Info - National resonator, Valco map shaped vintage guitar collecting
RS Guitars - Custom Red Special Style Guitars
Santa Cruz Guitars
Tone King Amplifier Company Website
Vero Amplifier Company Home Page
Paramount Vero Amp
Summit Audio
VHT Amplfication
Vox Amplification Ltd Home Page
General Guitar Gadgets
Mercurio Guitars - PickupPaks™
jacques stompboxes !!!
Angela (Tubes Amp parts Guitar Parts)
Guitar Amplifier Schematics 1
Effectronics (DIY)
Organs Tradenames (almost all brands)
Home Studio Paris


Moog Patents
ARP Voltage Controlled Filters
ARP Replacement modules
120 Years of Electronic Music. (1870-1990)
TRITONHAVEN - Resource For The Korg Triton
Roland XV-5080 Home Page
Roland Worldwide Information
ROLAND Deutschland
Roland US Homepage
ROLAND ZONE - Online resources for Roland & Boss electronic music products
Usefull parts for do it yourself Synthesizers
PPG Instruments- Realizer
DIY Synths
UC Apps DIY MidiBox & Synths


(Computers, Electronics and other stuff...)

Le betisier de Franck Ernoult
How to Upgrade, Repair, Disassemble a Laptop or Notebook
Apple Computers Manuals
Inside Your Apple Titanium Apple Harware
Welcome to the Slingerland Drums Site
MusicResourcesUSA - Manufacturers Resources
Slingerland Drums
Audio Electronics Schematics 1
Simul Analog Audio
Audio Links Page
Microphones Full Collection Pictures
Harp Amps (Harmonica Amplifier)
Experimental Musical Instruments
Art of Circuit Bending (by Reed Ghazala)
::: - Klangmodelle :::
Electronic Circuit Library