Celmar Engel

Expert in Analog Synthesis, Vocoding, Sequencing, Syncing and Modular Systems programming

Computer Studio or Research Laboratory ?

Vintage Analog Synths (Quick view)

ARP 2600 Modular synth system with 2 ARP sequencers, ARP 2800 Odyssey(s), ARP ProSoloist, ARP Pro DGX, Mini Moog, MicroMoog, MultiMoog, Moog Source, SE-1 Studio Electronics, 3-MS-20 Korg, Roland SH -101- 2 X Roland System 100-M  modulaires, Roland JP-8 Analog Synth (midified) , X-Pander Oberheim, 2 MIDI CV/Gate Roland MPU-101 Converters, Roland SPV-355 (P/V Synth) with Pitch Follower, Korg and Roland converters, LinnDrum, Oberheim DMX + Oberheim DX, Rolands MKS-70 + MKS-80 with MPG-80 Programmer Panel, Sequential Circuits Prophet(s) , Prophet VS rack, Yamaha SK-20 Symphonic Ensemble, Viscount D9 Drawbars organ, Tape Echo Roland RE-301, Tape Echo Roland RE-501, Clavioline Tube synth (1950), MOOG parametric EQ's, MOOG Phaser, MOOG String Filter, MOOG Graphic EQ, MOOG Drum Controller.

Rent a Vocoder / Location de Vocoder / Louer un Vocodeur

Vocoders: EMS 2000, Korg VC-10, Roland SVC-350, Electrix Warp Factory, Digitech, Eventide, Creamware

Recording Systems

Macintosh G5 Biprocesseur 2 X 2 GHz with Digidesign/SBS 13 slot PCI expansion chassis, ProTools HD 3 + Digital/Analog I/O model192 Interface + ADAT bridges (32 In/Outs simult. AES/EBU, ADAT or Analog)

Logic Audio Pro 7.2, Steinberg Cubase SX 3, Steinberg Nuendo

YAMAHA DM-2000 24 bit Digital/Analog Mixer (44/48/96K) 96 inputs  with Moving Faders (remote ProTools HD),  

SCSI dual Ultra3 accelerator , Canopus Firewire picture reader , 15 ICE firewire HD

2   PC   3.5 GHz + 2.8 MHz rackables with 1000 Mb RAM ,6 HD 120 Gb , Pulsar / Scope 15 DSP Shark, dedicated to plugins development, Pulsar II and an auxiliary Digidesign ProTools LE 32 trks with MBox

6 flat screens TFT 18" et 15"

Panasonic High Definition flat Plasma 52 inches for 5+1 surround mixes

4 MIDI Interfaces Motu 2 X  MTP AV et 2 X MTP II slave + router MIDI MJC-8 Yamaha

24 Trk Digital TASCAM DA-800 format DASH with 48 Trk compatible heads + remote ,

2 stations Mac Logic Audio Platinium  TDM  and ESB/TDM

Gigabit Ethernet network : Hard Disks Wide SCSI, Jaz, 2 X DON 1,3 Go, 12 X 200 Go Firewire, 4 CD/DVD + recorders

Roland M240R analog Line mixer 

Preamp Micro/DI  Focusrite Producer Pack ISA 430  with A/D converter

Z-SYS AES/EBU Router 32 X 32

Rosendahl PAL/NTSC reference Word Clock generator

SRC-2 Roland Real Time Sample Rate Converter multi frequencies, multistandard 44.1/48k , Fostex ADAT+ optical dispatcher

Monitoring: Genelec 5+1 et 7+1 (1031, 1030, 1029), 2 sub Woofer , KRK-9000 ,  Auratone, + JBL 5+1 small monitoring system
Global monitoring passing thru a referenced 5+1 StudioComm analog router/dispatcher

Analog Two Tracks Stereo Tape recorder Tascam BR-20 T (with third central TC track),
Sony PCM 800 Multitrack recorder,

DAT Time Code Sync Sony PCM-7030,

DAT Portable Sony PCM 2000 Digital with integrated phantom supply  and TC (for outside recordings)

Synths and Samplers (detail)

Rent a Synth / Rent a Syntheziser / Location de Synthetiseur / Louer un Synthé


Roland S-760,  SP-700, Akai S3200, XV 5080, Triton, Scope et Pulsar Creamware, Emagic EXS 24, etc...

Expanders / Expandeurs

Roland XV-5080 (8 expanders), Roland JV-2080 (8 expanders), Korg Triton Rack, Roland JV-880, Roland Super JX MKS-70, Roland Super Jupiter MKS-80 + Programmeur MPG-80, Roland SPV-355 (P/V Synth) with Pitch Follower, D-550, Ensoniq Mister Rack, Yamaha TX-802, Yamaha TX 81 Z,  Prophet VS rack, Prophet 2002 Rack, Prophet 5 V3 , X-Pander Oberheim, E-Mu Pro-cussion, Roland MC-505,   SE-1 Studio Electronics (Mini Moog Rack) , CASIO CZ-101


Roland Fantom S, Roland JP-8 Analog Synth (midified) + converters, Roland JD-800 (X 2), PPG 2.2 , ARP 2600 Modular synth system, two ARP sequencer (one woody and one red), ARP Odyssey (3 models :(White with 4035 Moog Filter, black and red), ARP DGX (with 4034 Moog Filter) , ARP Pro/DGX, Moog MiniMoog Model D, MultiMoog, MicroMoog, Korg 800-DV, Korg PS-900 Presets, MS-20 Korg (3), Korg SQ-10 Analog Sequencer ,Korg Converter, Korg Sigma, Roland SH 101- 2 X Roland System 100-M  modulaires, Yamaha SK-20 (Organ/Strgs/Polysynth), Korg Polyphonic ensemble)

 2 Converters MIDI CV/Gate Roland MPU 101 + converters Korg, Roland, Roland Music Computer Micro Composer MC-4, Roland Micro Composer MC-500

Rythm Boxes

Roland CR-78, TR-808, CR-5000,  TR-707, TR-727, Roland "Rythm 77" (or TR-77) the first Roland product ever made...  Korg Mini Pops 1, Korg Mini Pops II, LINN Drum II, Oberheim DMX, Oberheim DX, Studio 440 Sequential Circuits, Alesis HR-16, Korg SuperDrums, Yamaha RX-11, Korg KPR-77, Alesis DM-5 Rythm Computer

+Complete Roland Drums System with eight PD-7 Pads + KD-7 / FD-7 pedals and TD-7 Drums module

Keyboards and Effects

Master Keyboards: Roland A 90 + Roland PC 200,.Yamaha Piano CP 70 - Fender Rhodes 73 Suitcase - Pianet Hohner, Clavioline complete with tube amplifier (Analog Valve synth 1950),

Effects :  Eventide H3000SE, Summit Audio TLA-100A( tube), Summit Audio EQF-100 (tube), compresseur Symetrix 525, AMS Stereo S-DMX Dual Delay/Harmonizer , Lexicon 300, Eventide H-949 Harmonizer, Eventide H-910 Harmonizer, Tape Echo Roland RE-301,Tape Echo Roland RE-501, MOOG Parametric EQ (X 2),  MOOG 12 stage Phaser, MOOG  String Filter.MOOG 10 Band Graphic Equalizer, Digital tuner DT1 Pro Korg, EMS Vocoder 2000 (THE original), Korg Vocoder (w/Mic and kbd), Lexicon Vortex, Lexicon PCM70, Roland E-660 Digital paramétric Equalizer, Roland SEQ-315 Dual graphic Equalizer,  Roland  R-880 Reverb quadraphonic, Roland RSP-550, SRV-330, SDE-330, SDE-3000, DigiTech Vocalist II, SansAmp Gtr Rack, Rockman Sustainor, Rockman Stereo Chorus, Delay, MXR "blue" 31 band graphic equalizer, MXR "blue" Digital Delay UREI  539 Graphic Room Equalizer (X 2), Roland SBF-325 Analog Flanger, Alesis MIDIVerb 2 , Alesis Quadraverb, SPX-1000 Yamaha, Yamaha SPX-90, Akai ME35T MIDI drums Trigger, Roland SBX-80 TC Sync box, MiniDoc (Dr Click) analog synchronizer, Boss GT-6 Guitar Pedal/Effector, Palmer ADIG-ST Gtr Preamp/DI box, PGA-05 Speaker Simulator for Guitar , Boss Chorus ensemble CE-1, MPC Electronics DSM-2 "Simmons like" tronic drums, Musitronics Mu-Tron BiPhase, Mutron Phaser, Mutron III


Amplifiers (for small monitoring and cans):  Amcron D 75,  Luxman tube amp, Headphones amplifiers Quad 405 et 303, Samson S-Phone Headphone amplifier,

Fender "62" blond Bassman head (6G6A), VOX AC-30 Spkr cabinet, VOX AD 212 Speaker cabinet, Marshall, Gallien-Kruger MiniAmp, Gallien&Krueger MicroBass head , Lab Series (BB King) combo 100w, Fender, Peavey, Vox amps, Roland GR-700 guitar controller + Synth GR-707...

Backup system: Exabyte + OnStream
Tektronix , Hewlett-Packard, Wavetek, Leader and Metrix maintenance laboratory.
Paris France

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